Sep 1, 2011

New month and new things to learn.

It's warm today - we're not using our air-conditioner starting this month - saves money since this is an add-on to our rent and now that it's September I'm really hoping for some cooler days. Fall is my favorite season and I am already wanting to pull out all my sweaters and visit Starbucks to see if their pumpkin-spice lattes are out yet. I know, I'm rushing things a bit!
 According to the counter on my old blog, it's been 40 days since I walked down the aisle and made a covenant with Loris before God in marriage.

And from this perspective, I'm starting to realize the opportunities marriage creates for sanctification - the Christian's life-long process of becoming less sinful and more like Christ.

The good thing is that marriage has not been as difficult as some forecasted it would be even soon after the wedding (just wait, I was negatively warned a few times - you don't know what you're getting yourself into).

But even with the relatively short amount of time that's passed, I'm finding that I have a different perspective - little things happen and I think back to something I read or heard before getting married and realize that I didn't fully understand. The advice holds more weight now.

And that's a good thing, because along with all the wonderful things I was looking forward to in marriage, I really was interested as well to see how God might begin to use our marriage to help me grow - to open my eyes, to break me of some sin patterns and stubbornness, many things I have just been oblivious too. Or rather, haven't had to deal with much.

Just ask Loris about this. Actually, please don't.

Maybe I'll do some posts about some things marriage has been showing me so far - most of all for the purpose of clarifying and cementing these lessons in my own brain.

(photo: a hill off a bike trail near our place)


  1. Mmm, a pumpkin spice latte sounds delicious, even though it's still getting up to 100 around here more days than not. :)

    The adjustment to marriage is so different for everyone, I think. It really is a new world, and it feels like a new identity in some ways, the mystery of two becoming one. It's such a gift and at the same time such a challenge.

    I loved reading your thoughts on singleness during that season, and I'm looking forward to hearing what you have to say about marriage, too. Honestly, some of the best things I hear about marriage sometimes come from the newest newlyweds. That fresh perspective is really precious. :)

  2. Today is an especially fally (new word for the day) day here. <3 I love it! I can't wait for sweaters, pumpkins, cute boots, scarves, and lattes. :) I love to read how God is teaching you in your marriage!

  3. Wow. It is so so true that marraige can be used to break us of old patterns and sins that were in our lives and oh it can be painful at times but thank the Lord for being so merciful and my husband for being so patient! Thank you so much for sharing this :) It is nice to hear from another newlywed!
    And thank you for commenting on my blog :) I am excited about starting to read yours!
    May the Lord richly bless you! :)

  4. I was thinking that we can listen to people cautioning us about marriage and think (naively?) that OUR marriage will be different.

    Or we can look at all the newlyweds gushing about their marriages and think "Why isn't MY marriage like that?" Perspective!

    I don't like to broadcast anything negative about our new marriage, and yet it's comforting to hear about other people being challenged. All I can say is that the sanctification thing is true. Conflict leads to forgiveness, which somehow ties in to a better understanding of God's love and sacrifice. Loving someone makes you vulnerable to being hurt, but it also makes you value that person so much when you've had a fight and then made peace.